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Once-a-week, per team

Winter training is scheduled to begin on Sunday, January 11th.

Winter training sessions are scheduled once per week for each team and are considered a mandatory part of the Cape Express training program. Sessions are directed by members of the CESC Professional Staff.

If a player has a legitimate scheduling conflict, they should make every effort to attend with a similar-aged team. Please be sure you are in clear communication with your team's coach/trainer on this issue.

Please be sure that players are on time, as we are on a tight schedule at each location. Players must wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes ("flats"). Cleats will not be accetpable as we are mostly on gym floors. Shin guards are also required.

Team-by-team schedule:

U8 Boys Hammerheads Thursday, 7:30p-8:15p MTMS Wrestlng Gym
U8 Boys Riptide Thursday, 7:30p-8:15p MTMS Wrestlng Gym
U9 Boys Breakers Friday, 5p-6p MT Elem #2
U10 Boys Blitz Sunday, 1p-2p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U10 Boys Thunderbolts Sunday, 1p-2p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U11 Boys Union Friday, 7p-8p MT Elem #2
U12 Boys Force Friday, 7p-8p MT Elem #2
U12 Boys United Sunday, 2p-3p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U13 Boys Railhawks Sunday, 7p-8p LCMR HS
U14 Boys Silverstreak Sunday, 2p-3p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U15 Boys Wednesday, 7:30p-8:15p MTMS Wrestlng Gym
U16 Boys Thursday, 8:15p-9:00p MTMS Wrestlng Gym
U17 Boys Wednesday, 8:15p-9:00p MTMS Wrestlng Gym
U8 Girls Showstoppers Sunday, 11a-12p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U9 Girls Wolfpack Sunday, 11a-12p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U10 Girls Surf Sunday, 12p-1p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U11 Girls Sandsharks Sunday, 12p-1p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg
U12 Girls Comets Friday, 6p-7p MT Elem #2
U13 Girls Herricanes Sunday, 6p-7p LCMR HS
U14 Girls Stingrays Friday, 8p-9p MT Elem #2
U15 Girls Tuesday, 8p-9p MTMS Wrestlng Gym
U17 Girls Sunday, 3p-4p Goshen Rec - Main Bldg


MTMS Wrestling Gym - 300 East Pacific Ave, CMCH - Located next to MTHS. From parking lot, enter through doors on left hand side. Proceed straight down hallway until it ends, make left and then quick right into main gym. Proceed through main gym to double doors in back. Double doors lead to wrestling gym.

MT Elem #2 - 101 West Pacific Ave, CMCH - Located behind Memorial Field (MTHS Football stadium). From parking lot, enter doors on left hand side. Gym is first left once inside the building.

Goshen Rec, Main Bldg - 626 Goshen Rd, CMCH - Main Building is situated in first (front) parking lot.

LCMR HS - Lower-Cape May Regional HS - 687 Route 9, Cape May - Campus has 2 school buildings. LCMR HS is the first building you encounter when entering campus. Park in large parking lot and use entrance labeled "Gym Entrance".


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